BACAR Constructors believes that the success of any project is directly related to the planning and coordination that takes place prior to mobilizing to the site.

Pre-Construction Services


We carefully craft a tailored construction management plan that encompasses a step-by-step approach to pre-construction to ensure that every aspect of the project maintains the quality and vision BACAR is known for. In doing so, we safeguard against unexpected issues and adhere to time and budget requirements as we seek to meet our objectives.

DESIGN GUIDES: Because we practice value engineering, we review alternative designs that can affect the selections of the materials and systems needed for a successful project. This practice gives us the information we need to make the most cost-effective decisions prior to construction.

SCHEDULING SAVVY: Because we are good stewards of resources we develop a timely schedule for Pre-Construction and Construction phases. Both phases are analyzed to maximize workflow in order to keep the project on-time and on-target.

PRICE POINT: Our vast experience gives us the advantage to provide you with accurate estimates early in the planning stages. We also offer value engineering exercises that allow us to compare costs for the various systems within the project.
Master Planning Services


BACAR Constructors will come alongside you to determine the best long-range plan for improving your building or property. Our master plans seek to balance and synchronize all aspects of your project, giving you the very best vision for your facility, now and in the future.

END-USER: Once your needs are defined we look to those who will use and benefit from the facility. Knowing the end-user will give us the clearest path forward to accomplish the desired goal with each facility.

THE OUTCOME: Our long-range plan takes into consideration the end-users who will experience the new facility. We analyze how work happens, how life is benefitted, and what are the optimum ways to employ best practices for the facility. We seek the insights of these end-users to assist us in aligning the goals for the project. The outcomes of our analysis will present a unique and precise master plan suited for all aspects of your organization.
Facility Planning Services


BACAR Constructors’ Facility planning process is used to perform analysis, define budgets, and formulate a planning team that sets realistic goals.

COST VS BUDGET: Our critical path to facility project management incorporates pre-design planning wherein key facility requirements are analyzed. We review the proposed site constraints, challenges, and opportunities; and the cost versus budget aspects of the overall project.

PRE-DESIGN STAGE: The pre-design planning will determine the parameters of the project’s budget based on schedule and scope. BACAR’s pre-design stage with include detailed site analysis, programming, value engineering, and construction cost estimating.

Pre-Construction Services


BACAR Constructors is a Premier Design-Build Company. We’ve chosen Design-Build to help our clients reduce risks and overall cost, and deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations.

ABOUT DESIGN-BUILD: The design-build process is a simplified and highly effective approach to construction. BACAR assembles one unified team to work together on delivering your project from conception to completion. Our team aproach will orchestrate the efforts of architects, builders, engineers, estimators, and the building Owner, to maximize project value.

RENEWED FOCUS: With BACAR Constructors as the single point of responsibility, Owners are taken out of the role as the “referee” between the designers and the builders and can stay focused on defining the scope of the project, outlining their needs and making timely decisions.

In the traditional design-bid-build method the Owner warrants to the contractor that the plans and specifications are complete and free from error.

Because design and construction can be overlapped, the total design and construction time can be significantly reduced. BACAR Constructors can testify that design-build is ideal for fast-track projects where construction is started in advance of the completion of the contract documents. But equally important, we have seen first-hand the tremendous benefits from this team approach in servicing the design and construction needs of our clients regardless of their schedule requirements.


  • Single point of responsibility
  • Reduced administrative burden for the owner
  • Early knowledge of project costs
  • Improved risk management
  • Greater opportunity for innovation
  • Fewer claims and less litigation

And, because we are DBIA Members, BACAR is shaping the future, one successful collaboration at a time

Post Construction Completion

Post-Construction Completion

The final phase in completing your project is the post-construction stage. Once all the work on the job site is completed there are still numerous steps that need to be finalized before the facility is ready to be taken over by the Owner.


NEW CONSTRUCTION BUILDING COMMISSIONING: Inspection of the entire facility needs to be completed in this phase. Because all aspects of the construction have been done correctly, and previous inspections have solved any existing problem areas, the final inspection process becomes simple and swift.


Once all elements of the facility have been checked, the BACAR project team will train the client in the operations and maintenance of the facility. Considerably important, this training session will contribute to the increased lifecycle of the project.


With the training steps completed, the Owner can take over the facility. In this way, the project owner can know that there has been adequate time to examine the various systems, equipment and materials installed.

Facility Planning Services

Design-Assist Multifamily

To achieve the project goals of quality construction, and on-time delivery, BACAR Constructors has integrated a Design-Assist approach with the architect and engineer of record.

Even though the primary engineering and design responsibility remains with the client, BACAR offers coordination and quality control/compliance to manage cost, timing, quality and overall value throughout the project. As a result, Design-Assist assures fewer RFIs, change orders, and other issues with the plans and specifications. It also helps shorten the construction schedule.


  • Budgeting assistance and cost control from conception
    to completion
  • Review and response to schematic design
  • Front-end review of specifications and design narrative
  • Front-end coordination with all trades

PRE-DESIGN STAGE: The pre-design planning will determine the parameters of the project’s budget based on schedule and scope. BACAR’s pre-design stage with include detailed site analysis, programming, value engineering, and construction cost estimating.